BTMK Injury/Plexus Healthcare Conference 2018

BTMK Injury/Plexus Healthcare Conference 2018

BTMK Injury’s key messages to their clients and prospective clients include making it personal, being local and being in regular contact throughout the case. This reflects our commitment to the “Personal” in injury claims a topic which I will be discussing at a conference in February 2018 co-hosted by Plexus Healthcare. I will be looking at the development and present state of the Personal; Injury “Industry” and the importance of lawyers dealing with accident victims at a personal rather than remote level.

I am sure that everyone will at some point have been asked during a telephone call about the accident in which they have been involved in the last 3 years, even if such an accident hasn’t happened. Just recently I was involved in a relatively minor road traffic accident and within 24 hours I received an unsolicited telephone call enquiring about my injuries (none) and offering a hire car (not taken). I wonder how they got my details – surely not through motor insurers who have so vigorously complained about the cost of claims arising from road traffic accidents!!

Claims sourced through leads tend to be dealt with in volume and not geographically. This gives the impression of a “factory” approach and although this may often work out, many practitioners in firms similar to BTMK Injury and working within their local community will have taken over cases run on this basis, the usual complaints of the client including “I never saw anyone” “Each time I phoned a new person was dealing with my case” “I only found out what was going on if I rang up” “The panel doctor I was referred to had a number of people waiting to see him and I was only with him for two minutes”

I acted for a local man where the firm which were representing him were over 150 miles away from his home. His complaints concerning the conduct of his claim included all of the above and that in being urged to accept about £5,000 for his wrist injury the solicitors were ignoring another and more serious condition. Having taken over the case we fully investigated this aspect and secured a settlement of over £90,000.

The needs of the injured person must be at the heart of everything we do as personal injury lawyers and we passionately believe that the best outcome can only be achieved through a personal face-to-face relationship.

At the conference in February Rob Warren of Plexus Healthcare will also discuss the importance of assessing the immediate needs of injured persons and the value of introducing appropriate and focused rehabilitation at the earliest opportunity.

If all else fails – a barrister will also discuss the effective prosecution of claims through the Courts and the importance at all stages of looking to settlement through Alternative Dispute Resolution so as to try to avoid the pressures of the day (or days) in Court.