What is the claim process?

When you work with BTMK Injury, there really is no need to worry.

We believe it is every client’s right to receive the best medical care, expert support and legal advice, from diagnosis to settlement and beyond. Our team will help you through every step of the compensation process in order to achieve the best outcome for your claim.

Your claim will be settled only after medical experts have assessed what the future is likely to hold for you, in terms of recovery, residual problems and what support you may need to live life to the full.


Our process

Although all claims are different, most begin with an initial FREE consultation with a member of the
BTMK injury team. We will discuss:

  • What has happened
  • Whether you will be able to make a claim
  • What level of success you can expect


If your claim merits further investigation, we will then:

  1. Gather all the necessary material – including medical evidence & supporting assessments undertaken by medical experts – to build your case.
  2. Establish the losses and expenses you have incurred as a direct result of your accident.
  3. Ascertain who should be claimed against and let them know your intention to claim, usually through their insurers or solicitors.


Each side will then negotiate towards a settlement, with your BTMK Injury expert representing your best interests at every stage. Many cases are resolved at this stage, with no need to go further into the courtroom.

Our confidential service begins with a free interview at our offices or by arrangement with you at your home or in hospital and continues long after you receive the compensation you deserve.

If an injury causes an immediate change in your life, BTMK Injury can arrange expert assistance for you and a stop gap payment from the responsible party’s insurers to ease financial pressure and to pay for private treatment at the earliest opportunity.

Medical support

It is vital to secure the highest quality medical support, rehabilitation and long- term care that you derserve.

Third parties

If you can show that another person or third party is responsible for your injury, you are likely to be eligible for compensation.


Through our claim process, BTMK provides dedicated legal advice to help ease the financial burden of the costs arising from a claim.