What we do

Our team of claimant lawyers are among the best negotiators of injury settlements in the business, from relatively minor road traffic accidents to complex brain injury cases.

Our specialist team is dedicated to personal injury, the local community and the cause of the clients who instruct us.


Our areas of expertise

We deal with all types of personal injury claim, including:


Criminal injuries


Accidents at work


Road traffic accidents


Tripping and slipping accidents


Head injury/brain injury


Back or spinal injuries

“We didn’t feel social services could provide the level of 24 hour care my mother now needs after her accident; thanks to BTMK our settlement will provide the financial security to provide for all her future needs.”

Mrs C, Southend
Case studies

Key claim points

It is important when making a claim to consider these key factors.

Medical support

It is vital to secure the highest quality medical support, rehabilitation and long- term care that you derserve.

Third parties

If you can show that another person or third party is responsible for your injury, you are likely to be eligible for compensation.


Through our claim process, BTMK provides dedicated legal advice to help ease the financial burden of the costs arising from a claim.